Telluride's Premiere Recreational

Marijuana Dispensary Now Has 2 Locations!

Telluride Bud Company is one of the first cannabis dispensaries located in Telluride, CO.  We carry Recreational Marijuana Bud, Edibles, Infused Cannabis Products, and a large variety of strains and Paraphernalia.  Our Telluride marijuana dispensary and Durango marijuana dispensary both carry different product and specials, so make sure to check out the store location nearest you for the most up to date information!


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Top Shelf Strains

We have a wide variety of top shelf medical and recreational strains for thsoe who prefer smoking.

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product availability.

Infused Products

TBC carries a large selection of infused products and edibles for people who prefer alternatives to smoking.

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product availability.

Cannabis Light Caviar 

Cannabis Caviar is marijuana flower infused with hash or concentrated THC, a rare smoking specialty!

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product availability.

Locally Owned and Operated Dispensary

Founded in 2010, Telluride Bud Company began blazing a trail in the marijuana industry by providing the Telluride community with superior medical marijuana products, services and knowledge. On January 1, 2014 TBC became one of the first Retail Marijuana Dispensaries in the world. Telluride Bud Company continues to blaze a trail in the industry by providing cannabis products to recreational adult customers in multiple locations.

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"The experience has been wonderful every time I have been there. The bud tenders are great, very friendly and always willing the help you. I tell everyone I know about Telluride Bud Company. Love the place and can not wait to visit the one in Telluride. worth the trip!"

Robert Dow via Google