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Telluride Bud Company is on PotGuide! The PotGuide is a great resource for visitors from other states planning their vacations to Colorful Colorado. This site is focused on answering questions and providing an online resource to visitors about Colorado marijuana laws. We encourage you to visit our listing on the PotGuide then visit one of our dispensaries to "Change Your Altitude"! 


Locally Owned and Operated Dispensary

Founded in 2010, Telluride Bud Company began blazing a trail in the marijuana industry by providing the Telluride community with superior medical marijuana products, services and knowledge. On January 1, 2014 TBC became one of the first Retail Marijuana Dispensaries in the world. Telluride Bud Company continues to blaze a trail in the industry by providing cannabis products to recreational adult customers in multiple locations.

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